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Oakey AreaLiving In Oakey

Oakey is a country town of approximately 4,000 residents in the Darling Downs and is part of the Toowoomba Regional Council. The town is located 30min, approximately 30km, west of Toowoomba on the Warrego Highway.

The kind weather, broad plains and stable airflow make Oakey one of the best places in Australia for flying, especially helicopters. This unique combination of environmental conditions has made Oakey a key player in Australian Aviation. Oakey is the home of the Army Aviation Training Centre, Australia’s prominent military helicopter training facility, who also hosts a Singapore Armed Forces Helicopter Squadron. Oakey’s involvement in Australia’s Army Aviation history is remembered in the Museum of Australian Army Flying dedicated to the memory of the Australian service men and women serving in aviation since 1912.

The great flying conditions of the Darling Downs are not only favoured by military aviation. Brisbane West Wellcamp, the largest privately funded airport, is being constructed 20min (22.2km) from Oakey. Brisbane West Wellcamp is a $100 million Airport and Business Park privately funded and constructed by The Wagners, who have called Toowomba home for over 25 years. Brisbane West Wellcamp is strategically positioned at the western end of the $1.7 billion Toowoomba Bypass, that is currently under construction.

The significant transport infrastructure investment in the region is a sign of the future economic growth forecasted for the Darling Downs and Surat Basin. Brisbane West Wellcamp is positioned to be one of the major distribution hubs in the region located only 21min (18.9km) from Toowoomba and 20min (22.2km) from Oakey. It will completely change the area once it is complete, creating new job opportunities for Oakey residents.

Major Attractions

Museum of Australian Army Flying

The Museum of Australian Army Flying is dedicated to preserving and sharing aviation history. The Museum’s memorabilia includes aircrafts, engines and uniforms from WWI to Vietnam as well as modern Army Aviation Equipment. The history of the Oakey Airfield is also displayed along with photographs and memoirs of Army Aviation servicemen.

Jondarayan Woolshed

The Woolshed at Jondaryan is a world-class event and function facility with 150 years of history and a focus on authenticity. The Woolshed is over 100 year old and has been restored as the centrepiece of a working sheep station of the 1880’s. Jondarayan is the largest, oldest, heritage listed Woolshed in the World, that still operates. The Jondaryan Woolshed highlights the rich heritage of the Darlings Downs, offering a glimpse of life in the past.

Oakey Area Features Map

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